The Jungle Book

In spring 2014 I was commissioned to design and create costumes and puppets for Chapter House Theatre's summer production of The Jungle Book. This unique adaption of the children's classic was written by Laura Turner and directed by Philip Stevens and featured a talented cast of physical performers. It toured to over 30 outdoor venues nationwide including some wonderful National Trust and English Heritage properties.

The designs have a distinct ethnic feel and include many animal headdresses, masks and puppets. One of the key challenges for this design was the number of different animal characters being played by each actor and the lack of a back stage area for any significant costume changes. As a result each actor had a basic costume which was dressed with key accessories to resemble the different animals rather than full transformations.

As a stylistic decision the costumes were all based on human clothes and accessories then dressed with more animalistic detailing. All puppets and costumes were a feast of different layers, colours and textures to create a vibrant and dynamic feel. Key materials included fur, leather and traditional indian textiles.

To construct these fabulous costumes, masks and puppets I was supported by two highly talented designer/makers Charlotte Ball and Inma Cook. They took on much of the construction work including the wolf masks, hyena legs, snake puppet and tiger head.

Tags: Theatre