In 2003 myself and Suzy Gunn came together and became the co-founders of SHRUG, a Performance and live art Company.

SHRUG ‘happenings’ began with an urge for glamour, a chance to turn monotonous actions into durational acts; performances for everyone to view. Our work has always been very site specific, visually striking and yet unimposing to our audience. Our target audience is the general public, anyone and everyone who wants to interact with us is encouraged to do so. If they do not wish to immerse themselves in our world, they may walk by, or stare from afar.

We have presented our unique blend of silent city happenings, durational performances, exhibitions and street theatre at venues, festivals and events across the country including Fierce festival, NRLA, Nottingham Contemporary and Summer Sundae.

I have always taken the lead in designing the striking SHRUG aesthetic which has become a sort of brand in itself. I love playing with the strict red,black and white colour scheme and creating quirky looks with a vintage twist. I have constructed many of the costumes myself and also worked in collaboration with a number of other fantastic designer/makers including Nadia Malik and Emily Aherne.

Tags: live performance theatre