Rudie Can't Fail

Rudie Can’t Fail is a short film about family.

Makelight Productions


Annie and her child, Keli, are sunbathing in their back gardens. They’ve lived next door to each other ever since Keli tied the knot with Rudie, the chap next door. Through their shared hedge row they’ve regularly gossiped, argued and discussed their domestic goings on. Keli’s dad, can’t get his head around the TV remote, nothing new there. But Rudie has been unemployed for the last four years and today is different. Today Rudie has an interview. Rudie can’t fail.

As production designer I created the two garden locations and oversaw the props, costume and make-up. I wanted a colourful over saturated palette of colour to support the colourful characters in this short. The Mums garden was a well kept, a well loved garden busting with flowers and colour while the son/daughters garden was worn, unkept and a shabby mix match of styles. The characters were slightly exagerated to add a real flavour of design but without being too stereotypical.

Tags: film short film