Puppit + Digit

In late 2011, as lead designer with Polymathematics, we were commissioned by Applause Rural Touring and PANeK to create a piece of street theatre that could be the centre piece for Applause Outdoors 212 during the summer of 2012. The brief focused on the Olympic and Paralympic Values and so our commissioned piece was the creation of two interactive robot puppets called ‘Puppit + Digit’ who have come to Earth to learn all about the human race.

In true Polymathematics style we wanted to blend traditional and contemporary techniques, so the puppets are loosely based on the Banraku style and each has touch screen interfaces embedded in their chests. These screens allow audiences to learn about the puppets – where they came from, who they are – and share experiences with them through video, photography and written word.

Puppit + Digit upload their shared audience experiences to the ‘social network’ and a bespoke website. Audiences can go online and view their own interactions and those of other people from different events and locations.

Tags: live performance theatre