Pupi : Sicily Residency

The Pupi Project took place in Sicily in April 2015. I worked in collaboration with local Sicilian artists and a UK filmmaker to create a documentary about the issue of stray dogs and my creative responses as a designer.

The issue of stray dogs is a profound and moving one, tied up in religion, culture and attitude. The experience highlighted the unique relationship between humans and dogs and showed both positive and negative reactions to the problem.

This was a journey that demonstrated the power of creative work, to highlight an issue, get people talking and move towards change.

The documentary included footage of the surrounding environment, interviews with local people and a day in the life of dog rescue.

The artistic responses included the construction of puppets, the creation of a scratch performance for children and a series of 'Warning sign' presented and displayed in site specific locations.

For more information about the Pupi Project please explore the following blog entries.

Video Diary : Day 1 Getting Started

Video Diary : Day 2 Exploring the Issue

Video Diary : Day 3 Dog Rescue

Video Diary : Day 4 Poggio Reale

Video Diary : Day 5 Puppet Making & Temples

Video Diary : Day 6 Puppet Making & Interview

Video Diary : Day 7 Devising a Performance

Video Diary : Day 8 Performance & Workshop

Video Diary: Day 9 Warning Sign Vignettes

Video Diary : Day 10 Heading Home

Exhibition: Video & Installation

Performance : Full Video

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