Too Many Cooks is a production by HandMade Theatre developed in summer 2018.  Inspired by the boom in food themed TV shows, festivals and an artisan culture in anything from coffee to sausages!   It was created as part of a commission by Applause Rural Touring to devise a show suitable for outdoor spaces including large festivals and small village fetes.

A transforming van was the key inspiration and setting for this unique piece.  It was built in collaboration with craftsman Ben Thomas and renovator Gordon Gunn. A luton van was adapted to include a drop down stage, backstage and backdrop for the show, while also providing the company with transport and accommodation.

Weather was a key consideration. The full show took place outside but a smaller version was also possible inside the van. Beds became elements of the outdoor set and also seating inside in wet weather.

The show was collaboratively devised with a team of performer musicians to create bold characters and a humorous narrative. Performers transitioned between different characters through simple costume changes and used the van to provide interesting levels.

In this tasty show we encounter three food enthusiasts as they battle it out to win Best in Show, with prize winning veg, best bakes and the worlds smelliest cheese. We also meet a team of whacky waiters with their haphazard tomfoolery, ready to serve you with tea and treats. 

Devised by HandMade Theatre
Creative Producer: Suzy Gunn
Creative Director: Amy Nicholson
Performer/Devisor: Lilach Davis
Performer/Devisor:  Tom Byrne
Guest Sound Design: Matt Marks
Guest Choreography: Miriam Keye
Van Conversion: Gordon Gunn
Set Construction: Ben Thomas