Fred's Shed

Fred's shed is a short film about love, marriage and the power of invention produced by OD on Films and directed by Stephen Graves.

With design references such as Wallace and Gromit, Harry Potter and Dr Who, this was a project I was really keen to get involved with and was excited to be appointed the Production Designer role. I was also really impressed that this production company knowing it was a big art project had the foresight to get me on board really early to give us time to develop the ideas and logistics.

It was a huge challenge to put together a piece which would stand out visually on a tiny art budget of just £500. With a lot of searching, borrowing and hard work from my fantastic art assistants Gayatri Jani and Charlotte Ball it looked really great.

The interior of the shed with its mix of gadgets and junk worked particularly well and we filled every inch with interesting flotsam and jetsam. The vintage pressure cooker became the central element of Fred's invention and was a super focus point visually!

Tags: film