Elephant & Castle

A Gig-Theatre show exploring what happens when we talk and walk in our sleep by award winning performer and composers, Lillian Henley and Tom Adams.One of the first things that Tom said to Lillian in his sleep was “I want to get in a cupboard and take you to Elephant & Castle”. Other things he has uttered is “Will that affect my credit rating?” and “Can I have a potato?”

I was commissioned to design and construct the bed covers which would form the main aspect of set.  The bed was inspired with a vintage 'David lynch' style in mind.  It needed to effectively cover a large blow up bed on all sides and be practical for touring in a suitcase.  In performance the bed becomes its own character being moved, manipulated and used as a projection surface.  

Devised & Produced by Tom Adams

Composer: Lillian Henley

Dramaturg: David Parkin

Bed Design: Amy Nicholson

Lighting Design: Andy Purves