Big Picture

Big Picture was a week long film challenge produced by Golden Lane Films in conjunction with IdeasTap. This opportunity was open to production designers, writers, actors and composers.

Starting on Sunday 9 February 2014 the successful candidates worked with an industry professional team to create a short film from scratch, culminating in a screening at Shortwave Cinema the following Sunday.

This unique challenge started with the role of the production designer; I created the world that sparked the imagination of the rest of the team. There was mentoring available from established production designer Anna Rhodes and set builder James Millar.

The Design Concept

Starting from the idea of parallel worlds which link together demonstrating both similarities and differences. They provide an engaging space filled with texture, colour and intrigue neither realistic nor totally abstract. Our characters move through this space catching glimpses of each other, the space plays with them offering windows and doors access and entrapment. Light is important and emphasises the architecture and environmental treatments in our spaces.

There are 4 spaces, 3 rooms and 1 corridor. Each appear unique and yet underneath are all the interiors of a domestic dwelling which is reminiscent of the past yet hints at a possible future.

Room one: A recognisable vintage interior, with a slight georgian grandeur of detail. The walls are worn and decayed, the furniture is stark and the main feature is a central glass door.

Room two: Reminiscent of room one but now overgrown and invaded by plant life. Vivid greens, entangled vines and dripping moss hang from all surfaces. A single piece of furniture sits on the floor, an iron bed almost unrecognizable under its natural cloak of vines. No obvious entrance or exit, our characters must destroy sections of the walls to escape.

Room three: Reminiscent of room one but transformed by a coating of ice. This world is harsh, the weather which causes this phenomenon is extreme yet the result magical and beautiful. A single table dripping with icicles is present.

The Corridor: Long and stark the corridor is a link between worlds. It is dramatic through the light which streams through the windows and cuts through the walls. The design is plain and functional offering no clue to its purpose or period.

Production Designer: Amy Nicholson

DoP: Ewan Mulligan

Director: Stella Scott

Producer: Amy Kate Dolan

Art directors: Sarah Bick and Ruth Pickard

Assistant art director: Marcia Doyle

Carpenter: Samuel Horrocks

Junior Carpenter: Jesse Lin

Props master: Akari Naganuma

Costume designer: Barbara Elum

Tags: Film